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Emery County News

EC Sheriff's Office arrests the mountain man bandit

Troy James Knapp, known as the 'Mountain Man,' was captured in the Ferron Reservoir area on April 2 at 10:11 a.m. On March 29, Dale Fuller and his son Jordan Fuller, Ferron residents were shed antler hunting on Ferron Mountain and encountered an in...

Water district gives 100 percent allocation for Joe's Valley

Water is a precious commodity in this desert country of Emery County. The Emery Water Conservancy met in their regular meeting to discuss water and projects the district is involved in this spring....

What's a kidney between friends?

The optimist that she is, Joan Powell said she still didn't understand what it meant when her good friend Jenine Bentley mentioned her kidneys were shot and they wouldn't work anymore....

Solo and Ensemble Festival winners

Castle Valley Junior High Solo and Ensemble Festival

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