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Local News

Miss Emery assemblies discuss Operation Smile

Miss Emery MarKette Tanner has spent some time the last two weeks visiting all of the schools in Emery County. She gave a presentation about her platform issue which is Operation Smile....

Orangeville City discusses pay raises for employees

Orangeville City Council held their council meeting which was opened by Mayor Pat Jones.

Flowers on every grave in the county

With more than 40,000 handmade flowers in their baskets, volunteers in Carbon and Emery counties achieved last week what no other community in the nation does,

Ferron City talks about city projects

Ferron City held their meeting at the City Hall. For the citizen concerns, one citizen reported Jerry Stotler had put in a drip system. She said it works very well. Stotler was recently at the Ferron City Library to give information on how to build ...

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