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Emery County News

Christmas memories

Huntington resident spreads Christmas cheer

Public hearing on tippage fees at landfill draws discussion from county mayors

A public hearing was held by the Emery County Commissioners to hear input on the tippage fees at the Emery County landfill. Commissioner James Nelson has been researching the issue. The county has an ordinance on the books right now for a $15 fee whi...

Huntington City thanks retiring council member Cowley

In Huntington City's final city council meeting of the year, the Council took time to thank retiring Councilman Jeff Cowley for his service to the city over the past few years. Cowley, who has been over beautification, has done a good job of serving...

Little Capri Ware needs help for heart surgery

Little Capri Ware is in need of some help. Her father Michael is a former resident of Orangeville and grew up in Emery County. Little Capri has Ebstein's Anamoly stage 3, pulmonary stenosis and SVT. Michael said, "We found out two weeks before she w...

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