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Letter to the Editor: Gay Marriage

As 2013 came to a close the divisive issue of gay marriage once again was raised in Utah as a judge took it upon himself to overrule the votes of 66 percent of Utahns and the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution by declaring that Amendmen...

Letter to the Editor: Response to ObamaCare

My response to a recent post on FaceBook to a man who was complaining about criticism of ObamaCare.

Letter to the Editor: Just say no to wilderness

When congress enacted the original Wilderness legislation in 1964, it seemed, to be a pretty good idea, much like all other impending environmental bills. The act envisioned about 15 million acres of already highly restricted land, containing no road...

Letter to the Editor: Remembering Coach Stilson

There are six quotes I live my life by. One is from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. One is from American author Anais Nin. One is from American poet Mary Oliver. One is from American naturalist Henry D. Thoreau. One is from Jesus Christ. And...

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