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Missing helicopter located in Emery County

9 days ago

The Emery County Sheriff's Office is currently involved in a recovery operation for two males in a helicopter.

Republican county convention

9 days ago

The State Republican Party has changed the date of the Emery County Republican Convention to Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 6 PM at the Huntington Elementary School. Governor Gary Herbert is expected to be at and speak at this convention. ...

Is expansion in the future for Goblin Valley?

14 days ago

Could Goblin Valley State Park be expanding? The very slightest glimmer of an idea is taking shape and parties involved are excited with the possibility.

View strutting sage-grouse on April 5

16 days ago

The "bloop, bloop" sound that male sage-grouse make, as they strut on their breeding grounds, is one of the most unique sounds you'll ever hear in nature.

Huntington Canyon recreation use still limited

23 days ago

Huntington Canyon recreation sites will be available on a limited basis this summer. Forest Supervisor Allen Rowley recently amended the Seeley Fire Order in anticipation of the upcoming summer recreation season. ...

Goblin Valley hoodoo topplers enter guilty plea

29 days ago

The Goblin Valley hoodoo topplers had their first appearance in court on March 18. They appeared in the seventh district court before Judge Harmon.

Lengthy power outage now restored

29 days ago

Emery County residents experienced lengthy power outages March 17-18, 2014 due to multiple transmission structures being damaged by high winds in the area. At one time, Rocky Mountain Power estimated that approximately 2400 customers were without pow...

Severe wind in county

29 days ago

Severe high winds in Emery County on Monday caused damage to properties throughout the county. Fences were blown down, signs broken off and roofs damaged. In the Wilberg Wash area a brush fire sent large plumes of black smoke across SR-10. Power outa...

Schools closed in Ferron

29 days ago

Emery County School District Superintendent Kirk Sitterud said, "School has been cancelled today (March 18) at Ferron Elementary and San Rafael Junior High in Ferron due to the power outage."...

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