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7th District Court Report, Dec. 20, 2016

3 days ago

Court report before Judge Douglas B. Thomas on Dec. 20, 2016.

Huntington Canyon Remains Closed to Motorists

8 days ago

Avalanche and Maintenance Crews Continue Clean-up

Press release from County Attorney on Maxwell case

9 days ago

By Michael D. Olsen, Emery County Attorney

SR-31 Huntington Canyon road still closed.

11 days ago

Work continues to clear the avalanche across SR-31 in Huntington Canyon. The snow removal will take the rest of Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday to clear.

Comment period for the Master Leasing Plan on the San Rafael desert ends soon

11 days ago

BLM Seeks Comments on Alternatives Being Considered in the San Rafael Desert Master Leasing Plan

SR-31 closed for snow removal

12 days ago

Snow is blocking the road on SR-31 near Electric Lake in Huntington Canyon. Equipment is being transported to the site to begin snow removal. Travel over SR-31 is not possible at this time. The road is blocked in three spots with snow 8-10 feet deep ...

Hatch speaks on the Bears Ears Monument

22 days ago

Hatch: Bears Ears monument "An Attack on an Entire Way of Life"

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