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Letters to the Editor: An open letter to the Governor

Mr. Governor, of the six Vietnam War Commemorations planned, which includes the one held at the capitol on March 29 of this year, NONE are planned in central, rural Utah while four are planned on the urban Wasatch front and two in urban, Southern Uta...

Letters to the Editor: Need information about Utah

Dear people of the great state of Utah

Letters to the Editor: Plea for help to stop Oakland port

The Utah Legislature has fast-tracked a bill to Governor Gary Herbert that allocates $53 million dollars of taxpayer funds to finance a proposed coal-export terminal in West Oakland, Calif. I am writing to beg the taxpayers and residents of Utah to c...

Letters to the Editor: Great help with tourism

Thank you for the travel brochure, it's awesome! We used it Saturday and Sunday in our explorations. I may have to laminate it because we will rely on it whenever we are in your corner of Utah. It has all the info we could have hoped for, plus the m...

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